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Texture resources 1.0

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In this content you will receive 26 SBSAR files with the exported parameters allowing the greatest amount of variations possible using a single material, as you can see here in the demonstration video.

The texture maps of each material present in this content vary from one texture to another, but in general the present maps are:

Height map

Normal map

Base Color map

Metallic map

Roughness map

Ambient Occlusion map

Emissive map

Fuzz map

Many people asked me during the time I worked with the textures I make, the licensing and also how to export the textures, so I decided to make a content unifying most of the textures I have already produced from my substances packs.

In summary, I've corrected some old textures, improved basecolor / roughness, I've exported most of them, and exported the file to SBSAR.

How to use?

Basically just grab the file of the texture you want, drag into the substance player, change the texture using the exported parameters, choose the resolution you want (512,1k, 2k, 4k) and export the file in the format you want.

What is the difference of this package to others?

This package consists of a summary of all the textures I made from my substance packs, but using SBSAR format to be used as resources for developers who only want the textures to use in their personal / business projects.

The price is unified for all types of licenses, when buying this package you can use the textures in personal projects / commercial, the only thing you are not allowed to do is to share this content for free or resell it.

This format (SBSAR) does not allow you to open the texture inside substance designer to see the graphics.


This content will be updated and will have more textures and the price will change over time, but people who get this package now, could download it for free as soon as it is updated in future.

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Texture resources 1.0

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